Brand History

Infily brand was founded in 1968 in Dillenburg, Germany, the name of the brand was inspired by young artist Hardy under the encouragement of his wife Infily. Infily is a brand named after the name of the person, she carries the hometown of Dilenberg's well-known story about "love."


Infily reflects the German style with its superior craftsmanship, strictly conforms to the rigorous and meticulous German style, and creates every product with high-quality materials, latest technology and brilliant colors. Infily's material always has her own unique side, even if it is a small connecting part, it may be made of a combination of different materials, which makes Infily not only have outstanding performance, but also may add some kind of Unique use experience. It is a filial piety for love.


The main products of Infily brand include massage chairs, massage chair cushions and other personal care tools. It is a modern production enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It has a first-class R&D and production team. Nowadays, after years of research and development efforts, the product quality is stable and won praises from many customers. 


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